Anyone looking to enjoy Jersey has a copy of What’s On in hand!

Our market leading tourist publication’s first year got amazing review and feedback. now we’re planning 2018.

The new What’s On.

In 2017, Factory transformed Jersey’s official tourist publication into a handy pocket guide to the island, with a strong positive reception from clients, locals and visitors alike. Research has shown that our new quarterly editions in the improved convenient format are the best guide in which to communicate your messages to Jersey’s visitors.

The best content, the best distribution.

With a focus on combining profiles of local people, clearly designed and laid out events listings and editorial sections for the key areas required by visitors, What’s On offers more than any other guide to Jersey. Overseen by Visit Jersey, the publication enjoys unrivalled distribution and usage. 2017 saw over 200,000 editions fly out of our exclusive distribution stands at the airport and harbours and from the shelves of accommodation providers throughout our distro network.

How did this all start?

The company was established to fill a hole in Jersey’s media landscape. The mission was to simply improve the offering available in the lifestyle sector for locals and visitors alike.

We’ve been about.

We established Gallery in 2004, producing 10,000 editions a month and, through a quality over quantity approach, have outlived many competitors in the advertising funded publication sector and added a new title to the suite on average every 2 years. Now catering to lifestyle, property, foodie, careers, charity, retail and wellbeing, we’re constantly evolving.

Are we any good?

We’re proud to have won every award we’ve entered, including a CIM’s Best Brand and Marketing Excellence award along with Best Small Business at the Jersey Enterprise Awards.