Places Islander

Property and Country.

With our Places digital platform now rebuilt and relaunched as the best place to find property, its print companion has grown and matured, doubling in distribution to cover every home in St. John, St. Mary, Trinity, St. Ouen and St. Martin with other parishes covered by our distro network.

Our new Places ‘Islander’ publication built on property focused content, offering the biggest selection of price banded properties from a selection of our Places agents. But it isn’t be just property. Along with interviews and features on new developments, interiors, legal and mortgage advice and architecture we’ll be featuring all sorts.

The increased reach will be used to connect with the island’s northern country parishes, covering content relevant to the more rural reader. Parish, home and lifestyle content will cover a cross section of subject matter relevant to the readership.

Islander is a magazine that is retained rather than thrown away, combining quality with targeted door to door distribution. The title offers targeting for those wishing to reach an affluent readership in their own homes and readers islandwide.