The most concise map for visitors
Clear, succinct and well-designed maps.

There are many maps available to the Jersey visitor. Our VisitorMap is the only one produced in association with Visit Jersey, Jersey’s official tourism authority. Redeveloped for 2023 and revised 4 times throughout the year, our product was designed to ensure it was ahead of the game as the island’s leading map product. A clearer, paginated design offers a walking map, a cycling map and bus routes alongside an island map and new, easier-to-use map of St. Helier.  Supported by Visit Jersey brand imagery, the Map is the island’s best designed and best picked-up map product. 

Unrivalled distribution
Exclusive airside and seaside distribution at the Ports of Jersey.

Our new, complementary guides will have exclusive distribution in the VisitJersey-branded stands airside at the airport and seaside at the harbour. 180,000 editions of the Map were produced for distribution in 2022/23. This ensures your advertisement is picked up and seen in more than double the volume of other guides distributed in other ways outside of this area.
The Visit Jersey Visitor Map offers consistent, annual coverage for all island visitors.

Reorientated St Helier.
Adverts are now more prominent

Research has shown that people using the town side of other visitor maps in its present format tend to fold away the advertising (Right). With a map sat sideways, it is folded as a smaller item to hold. Our newly designed map is now landscape, with ads down each side to view at all times when looking at St Helier, with other map panels prominent in their own right.

The best value and distribution of any map advertising.

We have maintained and balanced previous rates on a relative rate of £16 per square per month. This equates to just £4.62 per 1000 maps picked up. Larger spaces are at an even lower rate. We charge annually with payment arranged monthly by direct debit to spread your cost throughout the year. This year an estimated 160,000 maps will be picked up as a result of strong distribution and the unrivalled volume collected via our exclusive airside/seaside Visit Jersey distribution stands.

We’re confident we’re the most competitive CPT (cost per thousand) of any map produced that is actually picked up in volume.

A more useful design.
Four maps and easier viewing

The front (town) side of the new visitor map will also feature quick-reference maps of walking, cycling and bus routes, all designed to be included as reference panels prior to opening the map. Previously these panels have included ads placed sideways when the pages are turned with no functional use of those space.

Updated legend and icons
Clear maps with relevant content

Our island map features hotels, attractions, restaurants and points of interest for the visitor, all clearly marked. We have also included new close-zoom panels for St. Aubin and Gorey to highlight destinations in those areas of high concentration. All advertisers will have named map markers and clients with double square bookings and larger will get a branded map marker included.