If it works for digital,
we’ll do it for digital.

Whilst we still love publications we’ve been watching the local digital media environment for a long time and are now developing new platforms in-house.

Jersey Insight kicked off with classifieds, Quidsin launched an effective Groupon clone, have an effective takeaway listing service and the JEP and Bailiwick jostle to feed you the news with ad banners. There have been all manner of ebay efforts, listings sites and blogs. We’ve been watching….

We started in digital, but were conscious of providing platforms and apps that had good design, good use and provided a real solution for out users and clients. Our first digital-first product started out in 2008 as Places and has been built in four generations. As a true ground-up bespoke marketing platform for estate agents, Places means users have the best information on local property from all good agents. Agents using the portal contributed to the design and we now have the most functional and visited property platform in Jersey.

In the small Jersey market, it’s hard to justify the investment in quality domestic digital products but we certainly keep an eye on things. Digital-forward strategies for our existing print brands arent’ really a priority but if you’d like to talk about other areas, swing by the office or get in touch.