Drop Points

We Deliver.

We’ve been distributing publications across the island for 15 years. We were the first independent publishers to invest in a stand network and have build strong routes and experience in delivery.

Until 2017, we’d only done it for ourselves but having won the contract to distribute the marketing collateral for members of the Jersey Attractions Group and been awarded the tender to produce the official What’s On guide to Jersey, we bought the distribution network of Barnes Publications and established our Distro division.

With the effects of Covid still resonating, we’re currently restricted on service but still out on the road delivering publications each week!

We make a stand.

We bought a significant number of stands from an established provider and invested in custom designs of our own when we took on distribution services for clients. From floors to walls and locations in hotels, guesthouses, receptions, lobbies, breakout rooms, tourist information hubs and more, you’ll find distro everywhere. We drop more locations than anyone else.

Our stand network services 24 clients a year and we are able to place larger items into clients’ pre-arranged stands or placements alongside. We are also able to top up placements for clients arranged through third parties at other locations at no extra cost. You’re our client, we drop everything for you.


Status updates to clients over the last 2 seasons.


Of our our own Distro stand sets

A service that’s far from run of the mill.

The distribution of marketing material has long been an annoyance for venues and when we entered the market we were keen to distance our Distro service from that of other providers in the space. From utilising route planning technology to develop efficient routes to giving customers ongoing feedback through social media, we work with clients and intermediaries to ensure their mutual needs are met, our services is far from a standard delivery service.

If you’d like items delivered in 2019, call 01534 811100 or email distro@factory.je