FAQs /Glossary

If you’re sending artwork in for publication it will ideally be a print ready PDF or 300DPI CMYK JPEG. Artwork measurements are shown on the relevant media packs.

Bank Details
Please email accounts@factory.je if you need to make a payment and we’ll furnish you with our BACS details by return to make sure there’s no bank errors!.


We accept bookings by email or by phone as long as we’re able to obtain written confirmation, digital or physical prior to publication. Booking can take place up to the artwork deadline for supplied artwork and up to the editorial deadline if artwork is to be created and proofed.


We’re only a small team but our Mums would say we’re perfectly formed. When you talk to us you’re talking to the person working on your account, no matter what function. For sales, your first port of call is Ceri Baker, our Account Director on 01534 870082. For design and production please speak to Russ Atkinson on 01534 870268. For anything else please call Ben Davies on 01534 870185

Deadline Policy

We publish over 25 publications a year and there is always a deadline looming! To help us provide the best service to clients we schedule editorial deadlines, and supplied artwork deadlines that allow us to create designs and proof them back to clients before the critical hour. For gallery and places we publish religiously for distribution on the 1st/15th of the month. Our long suffering printers therefore need our files a week before that. That means that we set the artwork and editorial deadlines to allow us enough time to construct the magazine. Your timely help in getting us your content on time to meet them is enough to get a hug from any staff member.


Fear not, if you only have Microsoft word and pictures from the Internet, we can help. At factory we help brands without ad agency support create professional standard artwork for use in our publications. Better still, as long as we can work to get a design approved in less than three revisions there is no cost, it’s included in your booking fee. Other projects are charged at our hourly rate. Completed artwork should be emailed to artwork@factory.je


We have structured discounts for multiple bookings. In most cases three placements receive a 10% discount, 6 placements receive a 20% discount and annual bookings a 30% discount from individual placement rates. In addition we offer a further 5% discount for pre payment of packages for the year.


We pioneered the ‘reader pull’ distribution model in Jersey. Our network of stands across the island and retail and coffee shop network mean that wherever and whenever you have a break in your day factory publications shouldn’t be far away. We have stands in 50 locations and distribute to another 250 by hand.  Gallery is distributed 11 times a year on the 1st of each month apart from January. Our December ‘winter edition’ covers both December and January each year. Places is distributed 11 times a year on the 15th of each month besides December. In addition to stand distribution, Places is distributed to a list of the 1000 premium Jersey post code addresses. Appetite and Fancy are distributed annually around Easter. In addition to distribution to all island hotels and restaurants and in great volume through Jersey Tourism all year for tourists, the guide is also a valuable local coffee table reference for Jersey residents. Other guides If you’re in need of a copy of any factory publication or you’re a venue that’s run out you can email our distribution staff at delivery@factory.je and they’ll pick up the message and get them to you ASAP.


We partner with BHF Jersey on the promotion of the BHF/Gallery Dodgeball Tournament, raising money for The British Heart Foundation. If you’d like to partner on a charitable event, get in touch.

Editorial policy

The editorial policy of all our publications is one that takes an educated, non stuffy modern approach to journalism. Mild irreverence combined with a tongue in cheek informed opinion mean we like passionate journalists who can articulate traditional media reporting with a pinch of salt and pepper. When we established Gallery it was our belief the wider readership for Jersey media would embrace a media vehicle that was less ‘establishment’ than those that preceded it. Hopefully 100 issues down means a couple of people are with us.


We cover events at no cost for any client on our rosta for inclusion in the events section of Gallery or relevant Places edition / online. Non clients may pay a nominal £195 charge to cover the cost of the photographer and a half page events space. If you would like a copy of the photos you are welcome to use them after the magazine is released as long as there is a credit.

Forward features

We arrange a list of themes in December each year for the following year. Themes and editorial guides are available on the relevant page for each publication.


Factory is based in Jersey, CI and operates its titles under franchise in the Isle of Man and did so in Guernsey from 2013-2016. For information on becoming a gallery franchisee email franchise@factory.je

Hourly Rate

For client work our hourly rate for consulting and brand development is £85 per hour, charged in 20 minute increments. Artworking existing designs or simple rearrangement is charged at £50 per hour.


Our terms are payment on publication. We give 30 days grace and then add a 2% PCM charge that we incur from our credit provider. We’ll give you a reminder by email every 30 days you’re overdue but after 90 days we have to pass it on to a debt collector. We’re only a small business and can’t afford to wait longer than that!


Each title has a presence online. Whether a presentation of the content or an extra proposition such as our market leading www.places.je portal. We have some new activity in the pipeline for 2015. Look our for further news in our publications throughout the year.


Yes, we’d be happy to include them! We try our best to include all relevant companies in editorial content and listings, whether news and events in Gallery, the blue page in Places or venues in Appetite. Send them over to editorial@factory.je


We’re at 10 Minden Street. Imagine you’re turning into Minden Place car park but turn one building earlier. Preferably on foot rather than in your car….Come in, come upstairs. High five, you’re here! We better get some coffees….


We favour payment by BACS but cheques are fine too if you’re old school. We are also able to offer clients to ability to spread the cost and pay by direct debit through our Gocardless payment processor or Paypal.


We offer work placements through Project Trident, The Undergraduate internship scheme and, if we have the time and resources, to undergraduates and postgraduates looking to gain some experience.


Is our office dog. If you’ve not been to see us before, he may bark. Fear not, he’s just getting old and grumpy. He’s really extremely friendly. You’ll see the tail wag and realise he’s all mouth and no trousers. Dogs in trousers. Weird.


For over a decade we’ve rallied cars across Europe as our GalleryRally. We’re taking a break in 2019 but learn more at www.galleryrally.com


You may have experienced our Gallery silent disco at JerseyLive or private parties over the last few years. If you’d like to hire it for a private event it costs from £150. All information is available at www.gallery.je/services/silent-disco

Student Art Awards

We’re proud to support the arts and ran the Gallery Student Art Awards and Papier Mashup competitions for over 10 years. If you work in the arts and would like to work on a project together, let us know.


If you’d like to work with Factory as a freelancer or contributor, we’d like to hear from you. We’re looking to build our editorial contributor rosta. If you blog or create content and would like it featured, email hi@factory.je


is the name you’ll see written on our building. They’re our housemates and the brains behind some incredible home automation, shown in the showroom we’re lucky enough to use as our lobby. Pop in to see us and we’ll show you how it all works. We can ply you with coffee and have a chat about life, the universe and everything.