Jersey’s Life&Style Magazine; mixing business with leisure.

Gallery is Jersey’s most picked up and retained quality print title. With superior production and twice the reach of other local lifestyle and business titles, Gallery is the best way for quality brands to get seen in print in Jersey. We enjoy the biggest stand based distribution and our own island wide distribution network via sister service, Distro.

With the perfect mix of lifestyle and local business content, Gallery is the best way for quality brands to get seen in print in Jersey. For over 15 years, Gallery has set the standard in Jersey for a regular, quality print title.

Focused on life and style in Jersey, the intention is to communicate style beyond fashion and beauty; representing the unique local style of Jersey in all ways; through fashion, events, culture, property, interiors, retail and beyond, all with an editorial voice that is approachable and casual.

For 2021, we’re combining our stand based distribution and our own island wide distribution network via our sister service, Distro. With strong reach and considered content structure, Gallery enjoys strong appeal, long relevant shelf life and issue retention.

The result is communication and advertising success for brands that choose us to communicate with potential clients. With pickup and distribution beyond that of the usual business magazines, Gallery also provides greater cut-through for businesses looking to communicate a business message in a popular format.

We can extend this reach into digital space, with adaptable banner space available on our website, which is getting increasing visits from people looking for less tabloid local news coverage .

Fashion changes, style endures.

Gallery has spent 14 years putting some style into ‘lifestyle’ magazines.

It started as a means of offering a better quality media for forward thinking brands that appreciated that the media is (part of) the message. Our focus is creating a magazine that is more stylish and better produced than the competition and offering a media platform that provides better customer service to our clients.

It is hard to be all things to all people but by maintaining a fresh editorial tone of voice through specialist, organised sections, Gallery tries harder than most.  Our mission is to provide engaging content for culture vultures, fashionistas, gadget freaks, petrolheads, style icons, and business movers and shakers alike. 

If you want to talk to forward thinking consumers, do it with Gallery.

Who is Gallery for? You. 

Gallery’s mission to ‘educate, amuse and entertain’ isn’t exclusive or prejudice. We don’t believe age or income should dictate enjoyment. Whether you’re 18 or 80, if you have a sense of humour and an interest in popular culture, we hope you’ll find something you like in Gallery. Our pull distribution means our readership are ‘opt in’ readers. Our readers choose Gallery because they love it, and that’s why we love them. From CEOs to OAPs, VIPs to MIAs, Gallery appeals across the board. When you communicate with a gallery reader, you do so in a magazine they have chosen over others, creating the best environment for effective marketing messages.

Distribution and readership.

Gallery has the widest distribution of any quality print media in Jersey. We utilise both our own Factory owned distribution service, Distro and also Jersey Post’s network in the distribution of our titles. With two vans on the road each day and 300 outlets, Gallery is picked up each and every month and enjoys double the distribution of other magazines with vague distribution lists. With strong read-on, our 8500 direct distributed copies reach a target audience of 32,000 people. Stands and distribution in high footfall environments and to businesses ensure that each edition is enjoyed multiple times, ensuring client messages get strong opportunities to see, not get lost in straight-to-bin print media or scrolled past on social!

2021 issue feature themes and dates.