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In an island community, buying local is always held in good regard. In a market where the local paper (The Jersey Evening Post) is owned by a UK operator and ships in staff from the UK to teach their clients about marketing, we’re proud that Factory’s print and digital titles are all independent and home-grown in Jersey.

Whether it’s reaching the widest audience for property with places.je (a statistic backed up by google analytics data, not hollow ad claims!) or appearing in print media that’s produced with quality and independence in mind, Factory is committed to being more nimble and receptive to your needs than any larger conglomerate media organisation. We work for you, we just don’t hard sell.

Our Gallery magazine title is the longest-running quality periodical in Jersey, built to harness and present creativity and contributions of some of the island’s best creative content producers. If you’d like to build a campaign in print that has a long shelf life, appeal to both business and culturally aware readers while benefit from premium production and newsprint-beating quality, this is the one for you.

Built as an extension of our Places property platform, Islander is Gallery’s country cousin – offering guaranteed distribution to the rural northern parishes and every out-of-town business via Jersey Post. With readership that’s on a par with the local paper for a fraction of the advertising rates, Islander offers wide reach and the same newspaper-beatinq quality production of our Gallery title.

If you’re looking to appeal to our island visitors, we are proud to work with Visit Jersey on the official tourist guide to Jersey, What’s On, the pocket guide we distribute quarterly via an exclusive distribution agreement with Ports of Jersey,¬† ensuring it is the only guide truly picked up in volume by our tourists. Our supplemental distribution via our Distro¬†vans to the Tourist Information Centre, hotels, guesthouses, campsites, parish halls and other locations.

In a world where other print producers ‘definitive’ guides to eating out are a few pages of ads, we’re proud that our Appetite annual eating guide is still being requested and kept at hand by locals and visitors alike, now in its tenth season. By ensuring we include up-to-date information on the widest range of restaurants any eating guide, Appetite is still held in high regard, with government departments even sending it off-island to present Jersey in its best light. We couldn’t ask for more.

Whether it’s a print solution, property marketing or plans for digital, we’re happy to chew the fat, without trying to teach you to suck eggs or sell you the emperors’ new clothes. What works for you, works for us. That’s why we’ve been advising our clients on effective media marketing for 15 years and we’re still doing it.

If you want to talk about any of our media titles, ask about design, social engagement or measurability, come on down to our office on Minden Street. We’ll get some coffee and doughnuts. Just drop us a line here or call 01534 811100