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Jersey’s Property Portal.

Places is Jersey’s widest used property portal. Developed with estate agent feedback, it provides a curated, accurate means of searching and learning about the Jersey property market. Places had over 5 million property pages viewed in 2019, the most of any such site. It’s the perfect media for clients who would like to reach Jersey property browsers in the most direct and cost effective means possible.

We worked with agents’ data, researched opinions and built the Places from scratch. With development continuing every day, we’re constantly adding features and ensuring our increasing volume of Places users are getting the most accurate and well presented marketplace for property in Jersey. That also means we’re able to adapt it to meet unique client ideas so get in touch.

Number one on the street, and mobile device. 

Places provides more and cleaner data than any other platform like it and after it was redeveloped in 2018, saw a 200% increase in users, firmly placing it as Jersey’s number one property site.

A marketing platform that gets marketed!

In order to get the most out of inclusion or advertising on Places, we want to ensure a targeted and relevant audience for clients. Averaging over 22000 unique visitors a month (or nearest competitor gets just over half that), it’s already the best concentration of Jersey property hunters but we want to keep them coming back for more.

Places had its own monthly magazine to market the platform, distributed across our stand network. In 2019 it matured into Islander and now provides a country cousin to our established Gallery style magazine, providing both an urban and rural offline promotion to drive traffic to Places.

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