About This Project

Gallery is Jersey’s most picked up and retained quality print title.

With superior production and twice the reach of other local lifestyle and business titles, Gallery is the best way for quality brands to get seen in print in Jersey. We enjoy the biggest stand based distribution and our own island wide distribution network via sister service, Distro.

Our long-held masthead of ‘Jersey’s style magazine’ is intended to communicate style beyond fashion and beauty; representing the unique local style of Jersey in all ways; through fashion, events, culture, property, interiors, retail and beyond, all with an editorial voice that is approachable and casual.

By combining this strong reach and considered content structure, Gallery enjoys strong appeal, long relevant shelf life and issue retention. The result is communication and advertising success for brands that choose us to communicate with potential clients.

With a growing secondary audience online via issuu subscription and a more social approach in the pipeline, make sure Gallery is in your marketing mix.