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Gallery: 150 Editions Young.

Printed Matters.

From Gallery, Jersey’s Stylish Monthly to Places Islander, our rural title. From our Appetite foodie annual to our Direction annual careers guide,we produce titles of our own and under contract to other publishers. We’re also proud to publish What’s On, the official tourist guide to Jersey.

There’s nothing like the tactility of feeling the soft-touch cover of a publication, seeing foil sparkle and turning the pages. We even love the smell of fresh magazines.  Whilst we’re in a world turning digital, social media is filling up with advertising and people still long for the enjoyment of the printed page; the finish, the design, the photography; things you can’t quite get across on a screen. And the durability. Coffee table iPad? Give us a book any day.

For clients, the impact and messaging of print is still a strong part of an integrated campaign. On-screen clutter of advertising is rife on a lot of platforms and we’re careful to craft our print titles as a mix of well produced, well designed, well written features and content and logical, effective and well placed advertisements for clients.

For the last decade print has been suffering but our factory titles still exist to combine quality with effective reach. No waste, no slapdash. If a quality approach to print marketing is what you require, whether advertising in a Factory publication or with the production of a bespoke title, give us a call or email Ben to discuss your requirements.