Contact Terms: For bookings with sixbynine publications

All placements submitted for publication in sixbynine publications are accepted on the following terms and conditions.
1. Sixbynine Ltd has an unconditional right at its sole discretion to refuse to accept any material for publication or distribution without giving any reason.
2. Sixbynine Ltd reserves the right and the customer authorises sixbynine Ltd to modify or vary an a placement / classify an a placement / publish a placement on a different page, date or issue to that requested without notice and without giving reasons not publish an ad.
3. Subject to the conditions set down in item 1, sixbynine Ltd will endeavour to publish inclusions in the form and manner requested by the customer.
4. Sixbynine Ltd will be under no liability where it exercises any right, whether through error or omission or otherwise, under item 1.
5. Except where an ad is not published, the exercise of any right under item 1 will not remove or detract from the customer’s duty to pay for the publication of the advertisement in question.
6. Verbal bookings should be confirmed in writing by mail or email. No responsibility can be accepted for any error or omission in copy received via phone.
7. A The customer will indemnify sixbynine Ltd and its employees against all claims, actions, damages, demands, costs and expenses that may arise from the publication of the customer’s advert.
8. The customer warrants that the content of their placement complies with relevant laws and regulations and that publication of the advertisement will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities toward sixbynine Ltd
9. All advertising must be paid on receipt of invoice.
10. A customer cancelling an advertisement after they have confirmed booking in writing by email will be charged a 30% cancellation fee up to 2 weeks before artwork deadline, 50% up to 1 week, 75% up to 24hrs. 100% after publication unless otherwise arranged.
11. Payments received 30 days past due date will be subject to 3% PCM interest charges.
12. Accounts outstanding after 60 days may also be passed to an external collection service for collection and subject to a 10% charge.
13. These terms are the only terms that apply, and the customer will have no claim against sixbynine Ltd or its employees for any representation (written or oral) that is inconsistent with them.
14. All sales subject to Jersey GST at 5% unless a supplied exemption certificate is supplied prior to invoicing.