A 2019 Makeover

The White Stripes released ‘Seven Nation Army’ the year I moved to Jersey. It won Best Rock Song at the Grammys and the video, that was one perpetual path through a kaleidescope of Jack and Meg White playing, interspersed with animals and skeletons marching (like an army, get it?), was mesmerising.

It still is. I’ve just had to avert my attention back to this screen, as I’m playing it on YouTube as I write. The riff still has it and the song has endured, along with our own white stripe – the masthead at the top of the cover, for the best part of 15 years. But whilst Jack White’s guitar still cuts it, it was time for a subtle branding change on our cover. We weren’t the first magazine to ever have a black logo and white stripe at the top, but it’s been our style now for some 10 years and it’s a pretty common look these days. Sure, it’s only subtle shade change but it’s a conscious move to evolve. Evolution, not revolution.