Gallery 195: Absence and Fondness

Gallery 195: Absence and Fondness

The intro to our 195th edition of Gallery….

I saw an Instagram reel the other day where the aspiring parent-influencing content creator claimed that holidays aren’t holidays once you have children; you just spend time looking after your kids in a different location. I suppose that’s true, to an extent. Regardless, like many islanders with children, we hot-foot it onto a ferry or plane at half term to make use of those precious moments away from the school run. I’m finishing up this edition while being asked what’s for dinner, but in France. Magnifique. 

Being able to work while you’re away is both a blessing and a curse. My wife will tell you that it means you never really relax, but I like to think of it as enabling me to professionally have my cake and eat it. Sure, it means chasing up content for whatever publication or project I’m in the middle of while trying to organise a fun-filled holiday day, but being away from the island provides valuable context and perspective. I’ve always secretly derided people who complain about having to ‘get off the rock’, as I’ve always felt Jersey is such an amazing place. I’m proud to call it home, and I felt a desperation to leave, which in some way diminished it. The benefit of context isn’t lost on me, but what they say about absence and fondness does, for the most part, ring true.

This month we feature the work of two talented new contributors, the first of whom is also making these considerations. Emma Pallent moved to Hong Kong on impulse but has been ably assisting us as a staff writer this month, ahead of a potential return to the island. You can see Emma’s work throughout the issue and learn about her on page 18. Emma’s feature was designed by a recent graduate in Graphic Communication, Jasmin Blair, who is back in Jersey taking stock as she considers her next career move. As with many students who return home after Uni, it’s that moment of deciding whether now is the time to make the island home, or whether the lure of the rest of the planet is still calling. With her excellent portfolio, we’re looking forward to featuring her work, wherever she chooses to base herself.

We feature our usual gallery of interesting islanders throughout this edition; all are passionately island-focused, and many bring a wealth of talent acquired over a career travelling the globe. Ultimately, it’s great to get away, but it’s always great to come back, and seeing skilled people bring worldly experience and skills home is brilliant to observe and share with you. I hope you enjoy it.


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